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Who are we
Bamboo Flooring Solutions is a 100% Australian owned company based in Melbourne. We have extensive experience with bamboo flooring supply, installation and advice and can provide you with a high quality bamboo floor at an affordable price. Our personalised service will ensure your buying and installation experience is stress free and of exceptional quality and due to our direct importing and low overhead model we can ensure our costs are extremely competitive. 
We include amongst our customers commercial and domestic builders, owner builders, and home renovators, Australia wide. No job is too large or too small.

About the product
The manufacturing process of our bamboo flooring uses machinery that is recognised as the leading and most modern in the world – including German Treffert coatings, UV and drying machinery. Our bamboo products are unrivalled in design, quality, durability and end user affordability.
Bamboo Flooring Solutions manufacturing process is accredited to ISO9001:2000. We are backed up by technical expertise and manufacturing facilities that are industry leading and that ensure your flooring will add value and trouble free safe enjoyment for many years to come. 

The environmental choice
Bamboo Flooring Solutions is an attractive alternative to hardwood floors. The bamboo is sourced from the forests of a fully self –sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource. No forests are levelled to produce bamboo flooring, unlike most timber flooring options. Naturally self-generating, the bamboo stem is cut above ground level and harvested. The remaining stem then grows back and reaches full maturity within 5 years(versus 60-80 years for other timbers). Now that’s environmentally sound practice, one that Bamboo Flooring Solutions is proud to support.

Strandwoven Bamboo Flooring – How’s it made?
Strandwoven Flooring is produced by shredding bamboo into filaments and then laminating these under immense pressure. This produces a floor that is more than 50% denser than most Australian hardwoods, with similar grains to that of hardwood.
Bamboo has twice the compressive strength of concrete and the same strength to weight ratio of steel. With its physical characteristic and ability to self-generate, Strandwoven bamboo is one of the best means to replace hardwoods whilst providing similar or superior properties and attractiveness.
Given its strength and visual appeal bamboo flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial use.

The manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser our Bamboo Flooring in the original manufactured state free from structural defects (Structural Warranty) for 25 years in residential applications and 10 years for commercial uses. In addition the manufacturer warrants to the original purchaser that the wear layer (Coating Warranty) of aluminium oxide will not peel or separate from the flooring plank for 10 years for residential applications and 5 years for commercial uses. Conditions apply.

Why choose bamboo
Beautiful - available in a wide range of colours, pre-finished in satin 
Hard wearing - is more than 50% harder than Jarrah
Quick installation - prefinished and requires no sanding and coating, can be loose layed or glued
Environmental choice - sourced from environmentally managed plantations
Cost effective - cheaper than timber
Easily maintained - 8 layer 'Treffert' coating

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